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Choosing A Water Damage Restoration Company In Atlanta Area

Whether it is a case of pipes upstairs bursting and you are up to your ankles in raw sewage or you have been victims of a tragic hurricane and subsequent flood, getting the right help is most important to you. Choosing the right water restoration company can ease your mind and save many of your belongings.

Water damage must be taken care of quickly. If you allow too much time to pass, the damage will increase and the cost of correcting the damage. You can wind up with severe mold and mildew issues which can create health issues for your family. Choosing the right Atlanta company can get you back into your home quickly. Choosing the wrong one can create many additional problems.

If you live in a area that is prone to flood damage, choose your water damage cleanup company before you need to take advantage of their services. This includes homes built on a flood plain or close to a large body of water. There are not government regulations that govern the requirements for water restoration companies. Be very careful about who you choose.

The institute for inspection, cleaning and restoration certification is the non-governmental agency that provides procedures, standards and certification for companies in this field. You can have more confidence if you seek companies with this certification. They are bonded, insured and licensed to take care of your needs. They have service available 24/7 to handle all water repairs.

Insurance for your Home

Homeowners may find that their homeowners policy does not cover many water damage emergencies. This can be quite devastating financially. For those who do have coverage for this type of emergency, find out what requirements the insurance company has. They may not pay if a non-professional does the work. It can be a small leak that has been left unattended due to the absence of the homeowner or the water heater pipes busting and causing a major flood. Find out what is covered before you hire a company or take the task on yourself.


Take photos of your home when you move into your home and when you purchase new furniture or other objects. You should have pictures of every room. Be sure to include your television sets, DVD players, furniture, jewelry and all things of value. The pictures should be kept outside the home, preferably in a safety deposit box or in a waterproof box inside your home.

When damage occurs, pictures need to be taken again. You will have the before and after photos available for your insurance adjuster and for the company that will be doing the repairs. Finding the right water damage restoration company will help you make the right decisions as the process moves on.


Pipes under your floor or in your attic can burst due to a variance in water temperature. While this is technically, a covered loss the insurance adjuster will try to find out that the damage was due to homeowner negligence. This can include leaving the home for an extended period and not left the heat on. Your homeowner insurance company will not pay for your negligence.


Water leaks for your pool can damage your lawn and can potentially continue into your home. This will probably be partially covered. The furniture in the home will most likely be covered, but the lawn will not. Insurance policies have specific things that are covered by the policy. Chances are that a leaky pool is not. Knowing exactly what your policy covers, can save a lot of heartache as you choose your repair company.

The Restoration Industry Association represents an excess of 20,000 restoration and cleaning professionals from a huge number of companies, some of which are in the Atlanta area. The association is a trusted source of information for help when water damage occurs.

There are certain standards that companies must maintain before they are recommended by the RIA. Some are their availability. They are required to be available 24/7 and have the ability to be there within one hour. Their staff is trained and certified. Their equipment is the latest and greatest for performing the tasks that need to be done.

These companies also work with the insurance companies to help you get the most bang for your buck. If you allow them to do their job, your restoration project will be much better and consequently less expensive.

Here is a list of water damage restoration providers in the Atlanta area:

Advanced Drying & Environmental Technologies
Midtown, Atlanta, GA
(678) 608-4960

RMR Restorations

Collier Heights, Atlanta, GA
(678) 879-4505

Advanced Drying & Environmental Technologies
Atlanta, GA
(678) 608-4958

Sunrise Clean Care & Water Restoration
3822 Peachtree Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA
(770) 921-0161

Right Way Restoration LLC
20 John Portman Blvd, Atlanta, GA
(866) 910-0883

AAA Water Damage
300 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA
(404) 784-1534

Chem-Dry Atlanta
Downtown, Atlanta, GA
(770) 884-6630

Remediation Group, Inc.
1500 Southland Circle Northwest, Atlanta, GA
(404) 214-1471